Prednisone After Reversal

Study Objective

  • Currently, there is debate as to whether prednisone improves outcomes post vasectomy reversal

  • The objective of the current study is to determine whether prednisone, when used on a scheduled or as needed basis post-operatively, improves pregnancy outcomes or sperm concentration

  • To accomplish this objective, 100 men will be randomized into either control or 3 different protocols of prednisone administration and followed for 3 years to assess long-term outcomes

Study Details

  • Men wishing to participate will be randomly assigned to either controls or one of three prednisone groups

  • Participants will mail-in sperm checks monthly for 1 year, followed by every 6 months for two additional years

  • Study questionnaires will be obtained periodically to assess for pregnancy or other fertility treatments

Who May Participate

  • A total of 100 men will be enrolled

  • Must be undergoing a vasectomy reversal at the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic

  • Several other inclusion / exclusion criteria apply (need to be actively attempting to achieve a pregnancy, partner 35 and younger, no contraceptives within 3 months, no testosterone use, no hypertension or diabetes, prior history of paternity)

Finances and Remuneration

  • Participants in the clinical study will receive all mail-in sperm kits at no cost

  • Participants will be given $150 by the conclusion of the study for mailing in specimen

  • Funding for the study is paid for by the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic

How Do I Enroll

  • Contact for more information


Percentage of Funding Received

Number Enrolled

Study initiated Feb 2021 (last updated July 2022)

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