Genetic Testing

Study Objective

  • Peyronie's Disease is thought to be due to a genetic abnormality which leads to disordered healing

  • One of the key first steps in being able to diagnose and treat Peyronie's Disease is identifying which genes are implicated in PD

  • This goal of this study would be to identify several potential genes which may be linked to PD

Study Details

  • A total of 40 men who are interested in enrolling would provide blood samples for genetic analysis

  • Men would also be asked to discuss whether their brothers, sons, or fathers also exhibited Peyronie's Disease

  • Blood from immediate family members (particularly those with Peyronie's Disease) would also be requested

Who May Participate

  • Men with confirmed Peyronie's Disease

  • Must be willing to discuss the condition with immediate family members and request blood samples from those family members

Finances and Remuneration

  • Specific details regarding remuneration would be clarified if sufficient funding were secured to conduct the study

How Do I Enroll

  • The study is currently awaiting funding before beginning enrollment


Percentage of Funding Received


Required Funding

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