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Available Clinical Studies

One of the most important underlying missions of CURE PD is to facilitate and support research relating to Peyronie's Disease and male infertility.  Currently enrolling studies are listed below (last updated Oct 2023).

Testicular Pain

Men desiring to enter this study will be randomized to receive one of four, non-invasive treatments to treat testicular pain.  Click for more details.

Additional Rounds of Xiaflex

Men who have previously undergone 6-8 Xiaflex injections without improvement will receive an additional course of Xiaflex using the MFPC technique.  Expenses covered (travel, cost of treatment).  Click for more details.

Recommended Studies Requiring Funding

Genetic Testing of Peyronie's Disease

The objective of this study would be to identify candidate genes associated with Peyronie's Disease.  This highly impactful study is estimated to require $1,000,000 to complete.

Efficacy of Pentoxifylline

The objective of this study would be to determine if pentoxifylline truly impacts Peyronie's Disease in its early phases.  This study is estimated to require $80,000 to complete.

Propose New Projects

If you have any ideas for key studies relating to men's health and infertility you would like to see performed, email us at  We will then post these ideas on this website for others to vote on the studies they most wish to see performed.  Once a study is selected and funded, we will help to complete the study.  

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Total Funding

Represents the total amount of money donated or supplied in grants to CURE PD to date

Current Research Projects

Represents the number of ongoing research projects sponsored by CURE PD

Our Research Donors

Corporate Donors

Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic

Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic

1443 W 800 N, Suite 302
Orem, UT 84057

Total donations - $90,000

Individual Donors

Anonymous (combined donors) - $41,615.81

Richard Galante - $1,450

(updated annually - last Jan 2024)

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